Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bella Bear

Project number four! Bella Bear is from Alan Dart's Heritage Bear Collection. I decided to make Bella’s dress part knitted part sewn. I am new to sewing so just wanted to take the opportunity to get a bit more practice! (Plus I was starting to get RSI from knitting so much!)

I am very happy with how Bella turned out - apart from her crooked muzzle! Whoops! I love knitting in snowflake yarn too - sewing up is a breeze, the texture of the yarn hides any imperfections!

Great pattern, as always.

This pattern is available for purchase from Alan Dart's website for £2.50 - http://alandart.co.uk/products/product/32


  1. Hey Tegan great blog, have added your url on my blog, Your Bella bear is Wonderful well done :D